A Guide To Creating A Recognizable Logo

The golden arches, the ‘swoosh’ sign, or an apple that is bitten into. Without any context, these symbols may not seem particularly important. However, you know that these are the logos for some of the most successful and powerful companies in the world. A simple glance at one of these images is enough to bring the famous company to mind.

Of course, this is what every company dreams of – to have a logo that is instantaneously recognizable by crowds of people. Even if you cannot achieve global fame, your local community should be able to easily identify your company’s symbol. How do you make that happen? It requires just a little bit of thought and a few elements. It is all about keeping it simple, making it original, and finally, making it suitable. Here is how you can do this with just a few graphic design courses:

Keeping it Simple

Many companies may be quite tempted to choose something particularly artistic and complex. However, this is a mistake. Consider the logos that were mentioned above – what do they all have in common? They are incredibly simplistic. One of the reasons that this is a smart choice is because it is easy for people to remember. Avoid having too many elements to the logo or having too many details. Instead, stick with clean lines and modest colours. Taking a couple of graphic design courses will really help with this process.

Make it Original

Another common mistake that some companies make is opting to have a similar logo to other corporations. Think about your industry for a moment. How many companies are there, just like yours? Probably dozens in the same region. Thus, you have to stand out. You have to do something that is innovative and original and that has not been done before. When people see it, they should muse over its clever design. Give people something to talk about.

Keep it In Context

Think about your brand and what its core values are. Your logo should be able to reveal some aspect of the company personality. You can either do this with the design or the colours that you choose to use. Either way, when individuals see the colour or the symbol, they will immediately be able to reminisce about your organization. Link here http://www.lotus.ae/Courses/Fine-Arts/Drawing-Courses-Dubai to gain ideas about enhancing your skills through the best drawing classes.

These tips should provide you with the guidance that you require to adopt a suitable logo. Remember that while you may be quite happy with your chosen symbol, there is always room for improvement. Some of the most valued brands in the worlds have had logos that have undergone a great deal of change.