Conquering The Sands

Conquering the sands, will always be a different experience. If you are a group of friends or a family that is into adventure, rather than taking relaxing vacations conquering the sands of a desert, will be one option to look forward to. Many love to hike, take jungle tours, explore mountain ranges and do not really think of exploring a desert as an option. But today this is nothing, compared to what is on offer.

So if you are group of friends or family, looking for your next adventurous tour, a desert safari Dubai it is. One of the best and upcoming places to safari, in a desert today is in the heart of the Gulf, The United Arab Emirates. Also known as Dubai, has become one of the latest hot spots to go explore and enjoy the sun, while on a safari, or the many activities that it has to offer. If you are wondering what your options are here are some of the best adventurous activities, that you can indulge yourself in, as a group especially, while you are at the desert range, in Dubai.

Sand boarding

It is a major sport, in the Gulf region, just as popular as snowboarding. Just as snowboarding, sand boarding, is a sport that is conquered through the sands of deserts? It is a very famous sport that many enjoy, for the adventure and thrill it has to offer. Just like snow covered mountains, sand boarding takes place in sand dunes, in the desert. If you are about to take a safari, it is best to ensure that you are signed up for a morning Dubai desert safari, so you can have a go at sand boarding. As much as this sounds like a coastal game, it is much more popular in the desert areas, and Dubai is very famously known for sand boarding and you are in for a real treat exploring the sport.

Buggy rides

Buggy rides are another adventurous activity that must be on yours to do list, when you make a trip to Dubai. Unlike taking a trip on a safari jeep to the desert, when you take a buggy ride, you can feel the real thrill, of driving through all that sand which is an endless path, conquering sand dunes, the hills and the slopes, having yourself covered in sand at times and feeling the desert breeze, full of heat. It is a real adventurous ride, in a small four wheeled buggy, where you can experience the off road adventure. It cannot get more exciting, with your heart racing excitement, as much as the buggy ride.