Decorating Your College Dorm

Starting college is a milestone in anyone’s life. Whether you are following in the footsteps of your family, or the first to go to college, it is always an exciting time. College means meeting new people, learning new things, and of course—living on your own! Dorm rooms can be small, and possibly even cramped, but ultimately it is likely your first time living alone, and that should be enjoyed. Even the smallest dorm room can be turned into a beautiful space with some smart thinking. The décor of your college dorm room is also a perfect way to express yourself, and also a good way to preserve some memories. Done wrong however, and the décor of your dorm room can make the small space you have been provided with seem even smaller, and add to the stress of college! So how can you decorate your dorm the right way?

Keep It Simple

The old saying that less is more is right. A simple dorm room can be far more beautiful than one that is full to the brim with various bits and bobs of décor. When buying décor, stick to simple elements. Choose calming colours that match the colour of your walls. The element of your room that you get the most control are the walls of your dorm. Decorate those well, and the rest of your room will look beautiful! Put up some pictures of you and your friends, stick up a few wall decals, or hang up some art from your favourite artist – whatever expresses who you are!

If you do choose to put up wall decals Dubai ensure that it won’t ruin the paint of your dorm, or else you will end up in trouble!

Keep It Practical

College can be fun, but ultimately you are there to study! When decorating your dorm ensure that it is practical, and that you have room to keep your textbooks, as well as a good study space. Study spaces have to be clutter free in order for you to be productive, so be sure not to fill it up with too many ornaments. Keep your books in easy access. Look online for cheap bookshelves, or even try a do it yourself book keeper.

Think About the Bigger Picture

If you are sharing a dorm with another person, it is important to remember that you only get decorating rights over half the room! Keep how your roommate is decorating their side of the room when you are decorating. A mismatched room will always look more cluttered. If the colours are contrasting or the two of you pick patterned curtains that are wildly different, the room may not appear balanced. Of course, this does not mean that you need to sacrifice your own personal taste!