How To Start A Watch Collection

A timepiece has always been seen as a valuable and fashionable statement to make, and even as a great gift. Some people enjoy collections of designer, luxury watches or unusual vintage ones as a lifestyle or a hobby. Dubai is considered as one of the best places with amazing selections, where stylish high end watches have always been popular.

How to Start
Get yourself informed about the different types, brands and styles that are available. You can start by following online blogs or simply visiting a watch company’s website. If you would like to collect unique vintage items always do your research online or by talking to well-known sources before making a purchase.

Your Collection and Budget
If you are serious about a collection, you can first start by collecting some classics from the top brands like Rolex or Cartier which will give you a good foundation where you can build up from. An Audemars Piguet price in Dubai in UAE including the prices of Patek Phillipe and other luxury watches are considered more budget friendly than in other parts of the world. Before you know it you will have a great collection if you start small and slowly. Don’t forget to study the prices and trends to stay within your budget.

The Shopping Experience
Take your time without rushing, chances are you will get carried away when seeing so many beautiful items on display. Of course you can avoid this if you are buying online. But always stick to buying items from reputed sellers only. Don’t forget to stay within your budget, however, if you do come across a worthy deal go ahead only after some proper research. When buying luxury timepieces go to different outlets and always compare prices as you may find better models that way. For example, the Breitling watches in Dubai from the original store can differ from the price of another retailer.

Knowing What You Want
Figure out what your taste really is and how the ideal timepiece will compliment you and suit your lifestyle. Some people prefer wearing their special watches only for certain occasions. There are various types that you can select and it is easier if you narrow down your choices before buying anything. Whether it is a vintage or a collector’s item, buy something you will enjoy wearing – even when buying it as a future investment. Your timepieces will need to be carefully stored in a cool, dark place where there is no dampness. Regular maintenance and battery replacement s is best handled by a professional who will make sure that everything is in perfect working order.