Simple Ways To Make Your Eyes Look More Attractive

Eyes are the windows to your soul. You want to make it look attractive, brighter and bring out most of your emotions through it. Whether you are happy and sad, your eyes will be good representative of it. This is why we collected some tips that would really marvel you on how easy it is to make your eyes look beautiful and healthy. Take a look!

Get rid of dark circles

Frustrated with those dark circles? It happens when you don’t get good sleep or when you are too tired. So, for this you can apply cucumber slices or even the cucumber paste. Keep it for like 15-20 minutes and then wash with cold water. Another way is to use turmeric powder, lemon juice, half of a cucumber and one potato. Apply and leave for 15 minutes and then wash with fresh water.

Tired and puffiness of your eye

When you are too fatigued and tired, it’s natural to have puffy eyes. You might even go through this in the morning. You don’t need a lot of other creams when you can go for natural and effective remedies.

used and chilled green tea bags, strawberry slices, cucumber slices, potato slices, cold water and Aloe Vera are some of these easy remedies.

The shape of your eye

The shape of your will determine a lot of your makeup tricks and also beautifying methods. Some of these things are your eye lashes Dubai and your eye brows. Before you shape your eyebrows consider the shape of your eyes and ask your salonist, to show matching eyebrow shapes for your eye.

Some of these eye shapes are almond, hooded, downturned, deep set and prominent. So, check for each characteristics and then matching makeovers. You can simply do this online and pick an eyebrow shape you like. Also, your eyelashes need to bring this shape well. So, pick the correct one for your eye to make it more attractive. Tip: to take your fake lashes off, use an oil-free eye makeup remover to soften the lash adhesive in Dubai.

For healthy eyes

What do you need to do for a healthy life? Mainly, eat healthy. The same applies here too. If you want long lasting healthy eyes, then you need to eat healthy fruits and vegetables for your eyes.

A diet of Vitamins A, C, and E is perfect for healthy eyes and to get rid of all eye problems. While you focus on all the beauty makeovers, try to pay attention to little and effective details like this too.

Some of the fruits that contain these vitamins are apricots, avocados, orange, mango, kiwis, grapes and strawberries. For vegetables we suggest, carrot, spinach, bell peppers, broccoli, kale and turnip greens.