Tips To Consider When Designing A Business Card

The very first contact you have with an individual who has any potential of being a customer is usually with the handing over of a business card. This card should in turn increase the potential customers’ curiosity as to what the business is, and also encourage them to get to know more about the services your business provides. There are many ways this can be done, but one of the best ways is to make that initial contact as impactful as possible by designing the business card impeccably well, while making it easy to understand. Read on to find out about more tips in making a noteworthy business card.Information

The requirement of a business card is to effectively convey a stipulated set of information. All the information, ranging from your name, the company name, the job title, and the logo, have to be clearly displayed. Your card should not look cluttered in any way, which is why the information displayed should be carefully and strategically selected. Most business cards do not include addresses of brick and mortar anymore, rather the website, phone number and email addresses are included.

Clearly visible

Many of you may want to fill in your business cards with tons of information forcing you to shrink the size of the font. This sort of design may have a way of looking rather slick on screen when being designed, but turn out to look like an unreadable mess when printed out at a printing company. Therefore make sure to use fonts which are professional, and not go below 9pt in size. Type out everything in the simplest way possible, without forcing the reader to make an effort to read the information and try hard to decipher.

Multi Coloured or plain

There is no specific colour or blend you have to adhere too when designing your business card. Some companies use bright colours to their advantage by using them in an attractive way to make the card stand out. This does not mean a card which is plain and in black and white is dull, rather these types of designs too have the prospects of being memorable and striking, and usually considered even more stylish as well. Get the card printed out at a printing company Dubai, and as long as the design is distinctive, there is nothing to worry about.

Emboss your card

Some may feel like their black and white cards are too dull to give out, this can be solved by embossing the words on the card. It will allow the information to stand out, while adding a sense of style. Furthermore, this 3D effect will go on to help people remember and also recall the information provided due to the need of using more than one sense.

For you to get a head start in your business, make sure that first contact with the customers are memorable to them with the use of an attractive business card.